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Ornament to reality

"Family tragedy" is the word Equality and Discrimination Ombud, Beate Gangås, believes to trivialize murder.


[murder] 1st Easter Day it smells. Again. A 32-year-old man kills his wife, his three-year-old child and himself.

- Everything indicates that this is a family tragedy, says police superintendent Olav Brubakk in Asker and Bærum police district to NTB. Dagsrevyen also used the word «family tragedy».

On Tuesday, April 18, there is talk of a "personal tragedy" when mother and daughter are found dead in Elverum.

Professor of psychiatry at Haukeland Hospital, Gustav Wik, believes it is dangerous to use the word family tragedy, both in relation to the public's perception of the case – and the work of the police.

- Tragedies are diffuse and have a lower status in the police. . .

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