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Rabulist, literary researcher, politician and poet

Deep down in my heart I have my sense. The biography of Georg Johannesen
Forfatter: Alfred Fidjestøl
Forlag: Det Norske Samlaget (Norge)
BIOGRAPHY / "He who is not mad in his own way must participate in the collective madness." This is one of Georg Johannesen's (1931–2005) most apt self-characteristics, writes Alfred Fidjestøl in a new biography of the poet, politician and professor of rhetoric.

"Quotation power in selected sentences" by GJ is indisputable. No matter what one thinks of the Georg Johannesen phenomenonGeorg Johannesen (GJ), he created formulations that are remembered:

"My first intercourse / took place during the Korean War," says a poem from the late 50s. The quick crosscutting of private life and politics is effective, but also one of the main problems with GJ as both poet and politician. GJ had many women's stories in his younger days, He had a crush on the ladies, partly because he was a misogynist, Fidjestøl suggests somewhere.

The biography quotes from a number of letters to GJ's childhood sweetheart, the textile artist Siri Blakstad . . .

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Eivind Tjønneland
Historian of ideas and author.

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