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Ragnarok on the way?

Is this possible in Norway? ATMs close. Air traffic, bus and rail stop. Transportation of food and medicines stops. The food shelves are being emptied and the military is preventing the people from breaking into the shops to obtain essential goods.


As Ny Tid has written about in several previous articles, large parts of the industrialized world are bankrupt. In cooperation with the international banking system and the central banks, politicians are pushing the problems ahead, and have themselves become part of the problem. A mountain of public and private debt, which is the result of unrestricted financing of more and more welfare goods, is being solved by printing money, ie servicing debt by taking on even more debt. This is the logic of a drug addict. We balance on a knife edge that ultimately gives the death blow to the patient, who is the welfare state. Before that happens, money printing and a manipulated low interest rate will lead to even bigger and unmanageable bubbles in the economy.

The graph illustrates. . .

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Hans Eirik Olav
Olav has a long time from the financial world behind him.

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