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Government on trial

The reds have revealed internal strife this summer. In the fall, it is decided whether they will survive cohabitation.


[4. August 2006] In recent weeks, internal strife in the government has reached the front pages of newspapers. One by one, representatives of the three parties have cast doubt on the Soria Moria Declaration's promise not to raise taxes above the 2004 level.

Both Minister of Finance Kristin Halvorsen and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg have found themselves forced to go out and assure that the promise will be kept – only followed by another proposal from the Center Party's seventh father in the house, Per Olaf Lundteigen. He wants a rematch for an interest rate cap on the mortgage deduction.

The case itself, we do not think there is much to argue about. In any case, the government will increase taxes by two billion, a sum that will not overturn the burden for anyone and which in itself is to fulfill an election promise. How and which taxes should be increased is an important debate, but the seriousness of this matter does not lie. . .

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