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Travel letter from Crimea – one year after

We are pleased with the people of Crimea that the bleak picture presented in Western media does not match reality.

In February, Ny Tid had an article that was to have consequences. The couple Rosenlund / Weber wrote a travel letter about their trip to the Crimea in October 2016. Some of us reacted, and they therefore just arranged a trip for us under the auspices of the newly founded "People's Diplomacy Norway" – a movement to improve relations with Russia to contribute to prevent another cold war.

Experience it for yourself. Before we left, we asked for a meeting at the Russian embassy. There we were asked what we wanted with the trip. We explained that we wanted to travel to the Crimea to experience for ourselves how the conditions were there – if they corresponded to that image media. . .

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Aase Vig Berget
Berg is a retired French lecturer.

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