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Will the left side in SV be satisfied only Audun Lysbakken will be the deputy leader at the national board meeting this weekend? Hardly. It is now the battle of SV's soul starts.

The government booth became the triumph of the center-seeking middle generation. A victory for the leader trio Kristin Halvorsen, Øystein Djupedal and party secretary Bård Vegar Solhjell.

With them in the government corridors, they brought important parts of the party leadership, the parliamentary group and the advisers. Again, the left and an abandoned party sit and do not quite understand what happened when the results of the adventure castle Soria Moria were to be turned into practical policy.

Since then, we have had parliamentary representatives who demonstrate against their own government, and internally in the party, the discussion is now at a level where several people are talking about saving what can be saved by the radical SV.

Several are wondering where the radical SV soul got rid of when Halvorsen took his women and men and marched from the Storting and into the government quarter. It has not been obvious from the government offices.

The F16 planes are going to Afghanistan. Commanded by the government. And SV supports. . .

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