Reversed revolution

Déborah Danowski & Eduardo de Castro: The Ends of the World Polity. UK

The Ends of the World Polity
Forfatter: Déborah Danowski, Eduardo de Castro
Forlag: (UK)
The West must change its mindset that the good life is about modernization and technology.

Chaos and disintegration are the signs of time. Economic crisis all around – China and the other emerging economies that were supposed to save a crisis-hit world economy are now in big trouble themselves. Political resolution – The EU is falling apart and neonational solutions are on the way. Geopolitical instability, and finally the rapidly accelerating climate crisis. We are dealing with a civilizational crisis, and theorists like Immanuel Wallerstein read the development as the end of the American century, but perhaps also capitalism as such.

New mythology. In this context of crisis and resolution, Brazilian anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro and philosopher Déborah Danowski intervene with the book The Ends of the World, where they present nothing less than a new mythology that may open up a completely different way of understanding the crisis. For them, the crisis is first and foremost the bio-crisis – the biosphere meltdown – so it is a crisis in the ultimate sense. . .

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