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Revolutionary daydreams and western accident tourism

In Brazil, global problems and opportunities are very visible, both in terms of racial conflicts, environmental politics and the distribution of goods. A trip to South America's largest country can therefore provide an exemplary insight into the global contemporary.

On my previous trip to Brazil in 2013, the optimism was still great in the population. I therefore went so far as to write a "gringoistic manifesto" in which I, together with Cornelius Jakhelln, claimed that Europe was now inferior to its former colonies. Brazil, we wrote, was the new "Middle Kingdom»: a central global player with a large, new middle class.
It was an excessive provocation, but not only. Over the last ten years, the ruling Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) has managed to enable a class journey for 30 million people, from the underclass to the middle class. Economic growth had always been positive since 2010, at between approx. . .

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