Theater of Cruelty

The ring ended


History rarely repeats itself. But sometimes it is as if the story is coming to an end. A force, a movement, turns out to find a new resting bed. Where there was conflict, a room for cooperation opens up. The ring can be closed.

Prior to this year's parliamentary elections, about a week and a half, it is also like a ring can be closed in the historical sense. Not just because, after 44 years as an opposition party, SV stands on the threshold of becoming a party in position. The historical paradoxes are in line if the SV were to win government power in collaboration with the Labor Party.

One is that the Labor Party, which threw out the nascent SF movement 45 years ago, is now for the first time ready to share power with others – and especially with the so insulted radical breakaway party. The writer Helge Krog addressed the Labor Party's long-term expulsion policy in his Dagblad epistle “Bad conscience”, which we can find in the collection Pasquino (1963):

“In the Labor Party's policy, a clear and sadly unbroken line runs from the exclusion of Mot Dag in 1925 to the exclusion of Orientering in 1960. 35 years with an incessantly strengthened adherence to an incessantly weakened ideology. ”

But the time of exclusions clearly seems to be over, at least temporarily. It has been a long time since Finn Gustavsen's oppositional fallout of the Gerhardsen government after the 1963 Kings Bay accident.

Today's red-green collaboration testifies to inclusion as a contrast to exclusion. Throughout the fall election campaign, the spirit of collaboration seems to have been further strengthened, contradictions and spite despite.

Another paradox lies in the fact that a party which, with the power of reason, concludes that the monarchy is a passive form of government, is now in the throes of a protracted struggle to gain entry at the King's table.

A third paradox lies in the fact that SV like no other party is founded on a power-critical point of departure. If the polls last autumn last for a further ten days, for the first time the party may even get a taste of the fruits of power the party has criticized others for reveling in greedily.

This will be a whole new situation, with radically new challenges and dilemmas. All we know is that history will not repeat itself. Rather, it will be possible to write history.


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