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Tranquility, tranquility for fishing

Did Janne Haaland Matlary think she was with Tore Skoglund in Rorbua?


[norge in the world] Sea spray and intestines. Trade and peacemaking. What is relevant and not in the debate about Norway's role in the world? Janne Haaland Matlary responds by telling fish ropes and at the same time narrows the debate in a strange way.

Last week, the magazine also invited the debate to the headline "Does Norway play any role?" As the discussion swept over trade, one of the panelists, Janne Haaland Matlary, was asked to comment on Norway's sprawling trade policy, liberalist on

fish and protectionist in agriculture.

The answer was something like this: When she was secretary of state in the Central Government in the late 90s, Haaland Matlary hosted a bouquet of fine diplomatic wives from the continent, which she brought on a fishing trip, far offshore. It blew fresh, the sea spray stood. Haaland Matlary set his sea bones and quickly pulled some spawning cod up over the ripa. Then, while the fine ladies were watching, she cut off the head of the fish, popped the belly and shook out the viscera, then blood and squirted in all directions.

Haaland Matlary garnered laughter from the audience, but I must admit. . .

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