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Romania's bad conscience

Dead Nation (Tara Moarta)
Regissør: Radu Jude

HOLOCAUST: A doctor's diary reveals the dark story of how Romania treated the Jews during World War II.

"There are three ways to greet a Jew: Mr. Dirty Jew, your Dirty Jew, and go to Hell, your Dirty Jew," wrote the Romanian Jew and Doctor Emil Dorian in his diary in the spring of 1940. This bitter joke pervaded among ordinary people in Bucharest and reflected the situation of the Romanian Jews at that time.

Dorian's diary is the starting point for the documentary Dead Nation from Romanian filmmaker Radu Jude. The director has made a thought-provoking documentary in a minimalist visual style. The entire film is based on photographs taken in a photo studio in Romania in the 1930s-1940s. The photographs almost never function as illustrations for the diary texts, but rather form an ironic counterpoint.

The photographs are portraits of smiling Romanians in traditional folk costumes, pictures from family events, of church leaders, soldiers and solemn celebrations. They are shown at the same time as a narrator's voice describes how the persecution of the Jews escalated, with Dorian's diary notes intertwined with radio news and. . .

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The urge to be seen and recognized

HBO: Succession
The controversy in the media mogul family over the corporate throne escalates further in the HBO series Succession, which in an impressive and captivating way is able to take the pulse of the present and big capitalist business at its most brutal.

Do the right thing

Spike Lee: NYC EPICENTERS 911-> 2021½
Spike Lee's documentary series, which now airs on HBONordic, is a comprehensive depiction of New York – interspersed with memories, stories and insights from eyewitnesses to the city's largest terrorist attack.

20 years after September 11

Dylan Avery: SEVEN
A research team in Alaska has via research and new computer-simulated models concluded that the NIST report on 11 September has been incorrect. Something for NRK?

Grief is how we feel – when a loss is a fact (watch the movie here)

Andrea Culková: Žal Žen (Grief / Sorg)
Extinction Rebellion is a fast-growing protest movement. They are in favor of transforming the love of nature and the rage over politicians' passivity into collective action. But what about the political potential of grief?

Continuation rather than replay

Joachim Trier: The world's worst man
With The World's Worst Man, Joachim Trier has very possibly made his best film to date. And it is more than just the capital that connects it to Reprise and Oslo, 31 August.

The trauma story

Aslaug Holm, Sigve Endresen: Generation Utøya
Utøya as a hotbed for budding party affiliation: This generation still cannot be gagged.

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