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Russia and the Chemical Weapons Convention: 



According to OPWC, since September 2017 has destroyed all its chemical weapons, thereby complying with the requirements of the Chemical Weapons Convention. It was celebrated as a success for OPCW.

After Ambassador Craig Murray highlighted a lack of evidence, Secretary of State Boris Johnson had to go a step further. The 18. In March, he said they had information that Russia had saved Novitsjok in the past decade. According to Vladimir Uglev, the business was closed in 2011 (that is, within the last decade).

If Russia continued to operate after 2017, and in violation of the agreement with OPCW, the UK in 2017 should have notified it to OPCW. They did not. The United States has signed the Chemical Weapons Convention, and the destruction of chemical weapons has begun, but there is still a long way to go. Israel has not signed the convention, and many scientists from Russia have moved to Israel. Both the United States and Israel should thereby be able to have stock of Novitsjok without breaking their stated position.

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