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Clear the money bucket!

The Oil Fund is invested in belligerent countries such as Israel and the United States. Do you think this is okay, Kristin Halvorsen?


[globalization] Something strange happened when there was a majority in the Storting for ethical guidelines for the oil fund in the spring of 2002. Frp changed his mind and went with the SV and Ap to dictate the Bondevik 2 government to think about ethics. NorWatch, SV and Norwegian Church Aid had revealed that the oil fund was involved in the production of land mines, cluster bombs and slave operations in Burma. "We can't live with these scandal revelations," Siv Jensen said as she turned, a statement that can be interpreted in several ways.

Kristin Halvorsen is now head of the Petroleum Fund, which has been formally renamed the «Government Pension Fund – Global». On 17 October, Halvorsen spent a year on the stool, and through his first, own state budget as. . .

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