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Collection under the Christmas tree

Christmas is time for compilations. This year you can give away Erik Bye, Destiny's Child, Eminem, John Fogerty and Claudia Scott, writes Øyvind Holen.


Just as surely as the Silver Boys sing into Christmas, the record companies flood us with compilations as the Christmas spirit approaches. Cynical and calculating, perhaps, but to be completely honest: Isn't a compilation album with a solid artist with a long life a bomb-proof Christmas present? Erik Bye to grandmother, John Fogerty to father, Halvdan Sivertsen to mother, David Bowie to brother, Destiny's Child to sister and Eminem or Blink-182 to nephews and nieces. Look there, then the Christmas shopping was done.


At the same time, the record label market is a potential minefield. Artists with long stories often have many collectors to choose from, while other records face a number of limitations in relation to which record companies they have been associated with, their own ego and desire to show that they are still to be reckoned with. Thus we get compilations that refuse to take into account that the artist's dinner height was passed in 1982, while others insist on stuffing their "greatest hits" records full of brand new songs that have neither been nor come. . .

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