Together we are less alone

Today there are two main stories about society and economic cooperation: a neoliberalist, which is based on the idea that nature is brutal and that we humans are in a constant competitive situation, and another, on the contrary, who sees the interaction between species as more fundamental than competition, and that man is unique in his ability to care for others and to collaborate outside the herd.

I Out of the Wreckage ("Out of the Wreck"), British writer and environmental activist George Monbiot has provided a clear defense of interpersonal cooperation. This is most natural for our species, he claims. In other words, the competitive spirit of neoliberalism goes against human nature; "The invisible hand" is based on a false ideology. The author wants to create one global spirit of spirit.

Social consciousness

Monbiot is far from just a non-committing consumer of big words. Just like his perhaps even more respected author, Pankaj Mishra, as with his book Age of Anger (2017) credibly explained the cause of the great wave of paranoia and hatred that has swept over the West in recent years, Monbiot will defend global democracy. He does not draw the same long historical lines as Mishra, but is more focused on the present and the belief in political and ecological. . .

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