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Monster with billions of eyes

The United States can soon gain global access to all private data traffic abroad each time Microsoft, Google or similar companies are used.

Perhaps the "digital utopia" was planned right from the beginning: Modern humans should be made digitally dependent on the same lines as alcohol or drugs. When the Internet and social media have become indispensable both physically and mentally, and most public services such as banking, mail, commerce, school, education, health and care have been digitized, new laws come into play: All digital communications are stored, and the authorities get unlimited access to citizens' data usage on a global basis. The terrorist threat is used as a moral club to enact unlimited surveillance of society. Can we – people of flesh and blood – resist the digital monster?

Warning. The decision falls this year: Investigators in the United States will have access to data from around the world, hoping to get the green light from their Supreme Court, the Supreme Court. Alarm bells are ringing loudly in the EU, the UN, governments and major international business and trade associations, which now warn of a frightening future for the free internet – a future that, according to Der Spiegel and Die Zeit, will be decided in Washington DC this summer.

Many millions of web users store virtually all of their privacy in the cloud – emails, tax returns, documents. . .

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Hans-Georg Kohler
Kohler is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid.

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