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Does anyone miss 206 children?

In 2017, 206 children disappeared from Norwegian asylum centers, and we still do not know where they are. 

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

On average, almost four children disappear from asylum shelters each week without recuperating. Nevertheless, the Norwegian state continues to pursue a policy that sends children on a new escape – this time from Norway.

Who's looking when nobody misses? I wish I could say that we in Norway lived in a country that pursued a fair refugee policy. Unfortunately, it is now only severe, and also unfair to the most vulnerable in our society. The children who disappear from reception have come to Norway alone. They are without parents who can take care of them, and they lack a network in Norwegian society.

We know far too little about where the missing children end up – whether they have gone underground or become victims of human trafficking. Instead of finding out what has happened, the Norwegian authorities have built up an "out of sight, out. . .

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Kvalø is the leader of the youth organization Press, which works for children's rights.

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