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Self-sufficient, financially sustainable community with low cost of living

Ecovillages around the world: 20 regenerative designs for sustainable communities
Forfatter: Frederica Miller,
Forlag: 2018 Ecolit Books, (USA)
ECOVILLAGE / Communal house, own organic farming, a professionally run livestock farm, various network models in permaculture and economics.

In step with an increasingly developed materialism with economic growth, all parts of the world have developed alternative ways of adapting to «everyday life». Club of Rome wrote Limits to growth 50 years ago, when the UN's first conference on the environment, the Stockholm Conference, also took place. An opposition to the mainstream took shape in the germ of the establishment of eco-communities and eco-villages.

For inspiration, editor Frederica Miller has now gathered a diversity of different models for eco-communities / eco-villages, established with different prerequisites and priorities, but all with a desire for a world of sustainability.

Karise Permatopia

For example, the village community is mentioned Karise Permatopia. With occupancy from 2018 – they have realized a resident-driven visionary project. Here, planners and residents have jointly managed to link common housing, biodynamic agriculture and the production of renewable energy in a living community. This has taken place within the framework of a developed circular resource economy, which must become a self-sufficient, financially sustainable one. . .

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Niels Johan Juhl-Nielsen
Juhl-Nielsen resides in Copenhagen.

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