Senterungdommen supports Norwegian accession to the UN nuclear ban

Torleik Swell
Before the Center Party's national meeting starts 4-6. June, the leader of the Center Youth is clear on what his organization thinks about the nuclear ban.


Torleik Svelle, who is also a member of the Center Party's program committee in 2021, says that the wording in the program draft shows a clear intention to sign the UN ban. However, he emphasizes that a balanced nuclear disarmament must be sought in the world – this must therefore be something the great powers do together.

"A nightmare scenario would be for the West to arm itself significantly, while countries such as North Korea, China and India do not support the ban," says Svelle. He therefore believes that one should not expect a NATO disarmament without the other great powers committing to the same.

Nevertheless, Senterungdommen goes to the national meeting with a plan to argue for the nuclear ban and to vote for a wording in the party program that supports this way forward. The argument for supporting the ban is, according to Svelle, clear and distinct:

"Tension in the world is rising, and no one is benefiting. Nuclear weapons increase the risk of some countries escaping from the others, and therefore contribute to increased tension. The security balance will be better maintained if nuclear weapons are taken out of the calculation. "

The "Peace Nation"'s recommendation to the Center Party's National Meeting 4-6 June: "The Center Party wants Norway to accede to the UN nuclear ban and actively contribute to broad international support for the work against nuclear weapons." Placement in draft SPs principle and action program, 2021-2025, Line 4807 – 4808
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