Eugene Nkurayabahizi has been in custody for almost 1400 days, accused of participating in the genocide in Rwanda. Recently he was almost extradited to Rwanda, where he risked life imprisonment and never again see his family in Norway:

"I can't find words for what it's like to be back with my family again," he said New Time Wednesday night when he was released. The Norwegian authorities have not made a final decision on whether to release or not – but the process has now been temporarily halted.

Ny Tid has previously uncovered a number of incorrect and false testimony in the case against Nkuranyabahizi. We revealed that the main witnesses against Nkuranyabahizi have admitted they lied and made false charges under pressure. Ny Tid also documented that a number of other key witnesses have made accusations such as can't vote, and that they were believed by both Kripos and the Norwegian judiciary.

NCIS veteran. Håvard Aksnes has worked in Kripos for over 20 years and led the investigation which led to the arrest of the pocketman. The reputed investigative leader has spent 2 – 3 months studying the case against Eugene Nkuranyabahizi:

'He should never have been imprisoned and he. . .

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