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Sex on the box

When sex becomes exercise, it loses meaning.

[sex] I'm sitting with a book in my hand and a headset on my head. I read gender researcher Wencke Mühleisen's new article collection with one eye, while watching "dirty" music videos on the PC with the other. I try to make my eyes look the same but struggle.

Mühleisen's well-written texts on sex and gender inspire to try to see something new, think some new thoughts: Sex sneaks in everywhere, and maybe it is not as bad as many want it to be? The music videos, in turn, inspire repeating the same old: When sex is commercialized and gender becomes a commodity, everything just gets boring. The fact that my breathing is made more difficult by looking at the row of stripping rods, rotating hips, and hordes of delicious, dancing bikini ladies is due to the associations I get for activities other than bed fun.

Sex and the like is a collection of previously published chronicles and comments, primarily taken from the Class Fight. In addition, gender and media researcher Mühleisen has revised longer, previously published articles and book chapters that conclude each section of the book. Here Mühleisen writes about everything from breastfeeding-

regime to film censorship, "flashing" of male genitals to. . .

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