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Ship to Gaza summer 2015

Gerd von der Lippe has no doubt that she wants to board again.

Many believe it is madness to travel with a ship to Gaza with the danger of going to prison in Israel. The goal of this article is to convince you, dear reader, that it is of great value to all the civilians in Gaza that we try to reach the small strip, while reminding ordinary people that the colonization of the Palestinian people and the siege of Gaza must end. On the journey I have met the most incredible people. Many dedicate their lives to supporting marginalized groups across the globe. Some of these you should hear more about.

The Freedom Fleet is an international grassroots network, the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (JRC), aims to help end the siege of Gaza. The JRC assumes that human rights apply to everyone, regardless of race, gender, tribe, religion, orientation, nationality. . .

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