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Say YES to the EU

The animals and the environment are better off with the EU than with today's Norwegian no-side, concludes Steinar Lem in Framtiden in our hands. In his latest book, he breaks with the No side. In Ny Tid you get to know why Norway's most famous environmental face has doubted its way to an EU yes.


Steinar Lem has for many years been the most visible personality in "The future in our hands". He has been a committed public debater who is not afraid to tease people in his fight for a better future and a better environment.

This week he published the essay The little life, where he tries to show in a very personal way that there is a connection between a good environment and a good life. At the same time, the current adviser of the Future in our hands is controversially enough to come out of the closet as an EU supporter

- It's a pretty powerful showdown you take with the no-people?

- The no-side has destroyed its credibility precisely in the area where the yes-side had little to lose – value thinking. The no-side carried the simple idea that there was something other than one's own wallet, which was worth taking care of.

But it turned out that the no-side simply meant nothing with the environment. . .

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