Charged with espionage

Michel Kichka (Israel) – freedom of expression in the cross
SWEDEN / The culprits in the spy case were not caught. The journalists risked up to six years in prison.


The arrest of the five employees of Folket i Bild (FiB)/Kulturfront has a clear parallel in Norway – albeit on a somewhat smaller scale. At the end of November, Narve Trædal will be brought to court for publishing telex messages which show that Norwegian military exercises are aimed at named radical political groups and trade unions. However, the real criminals – those who direct such exercises go free.

So also in Sweden. Those who stand behind the Informationsbyrån (IB) – the men who have committed criminal acts against the Swedish people and foreign nations in the name of the security service go free. Those who have exposed such actions are arrested and threatened with six years in prison.

Norwegian military exercises are aimed at named radical political groups and trade unions.

It was last Monday that the five employees of FiB/Kulturfront were arrested at the same time. Among them the journalists Peter Bratt and Jan Guillou as well as the former IB agent Håkan Isacson. Archives, papers, photos and other material were confiscated by the attorney general's men.

The burglaries

Attorney General Carl Axel Robert – who started the action – is identical to the person who for over half a year has been "investigating" the allegations against IB. Twelve points have been on his "investigation list" – and last Friday he announced with bravado that the IB had done nothing wrong. Instead, the cleaner gives notice that FIB/Kulturfront's employees should be arrested. Here were the criminals! Here were the men who were a threat to Sweden's security!

Through IB, the Swedish state has helped to build up an espionage network within the Swedish business community.

Orientering has previously discussed [see previous page] the Swedish magazine's disclosures of IB's various businesses. Then Guillou/Bratt for approx. half a year since its revelations began, very few had even heard of IB. But as new information was constantly put on the table, "responsible" Swedish politicians and IB agents had to make their concessions.

And it was truly startling information that emerged. The Swedish state needed to be cleaned – and instructed the Swedish attorney general to "investigate" 12 points that had been raised in FIB/Kulturfront. Here are the most important ones:

  1. IB agents break into the FNL group's offices in Stockholm.
  2. IB break-in at SDS' premises in Gothenburg.
  3. IB break-in at KFML's premises in Gothenburg.
  4. Burglary at woman E.
  5. Burglary of a Jordanian citizen.
  6. Burglary of two Arab citizens.
  7. Burglary of the Egyptian Embassy.
  8. Burglary of Iraqi and Algerian embassies.
  9. The CIA's landing exercise on the Finnish coast – where the IB had participated in the preparations.
Jan Guillou – Key Person The Rewinding Of Swedish Espionage Outside And At Home

In addition to this, FIB/Kulturfront has, among other things, revealed that the Swedish state, through IB, has helped to build up an espionage network within the Swedish business community.

Last Friday, the answer came from the Swedish Attorney General: The Information Agency has done nothing wrong. The criminals are instead the five employees who have participated in the revelations of IB's "clean and innocent" activities.

They are charged with espionage and can receive up to six years in prison.

It is frightening and revealing that imprisonment and raids – i.e. pure Watergate methods – are Sweden's response to a debate about the methods and activities of the Swedish surveillance service.

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