Simply earthlings

Migrants and Militants
Forfatter: Alain Badiou
Forlag: Polity Books (USA)
MIGRANTS / How hospitable can one be expected to be? Those who do not belong anywhere become poets, because they have to invent a new form of world citizenship, writes Alain Badiou.


In the provocative new Netflix series Messiah (see mention), which has already led to protests in Jordan, and which has led evangelical Christians in the United States to cancel their subscription, is a scene that is particularly poignant: The young activist and prophet al-Masih ends up in court in the United States, accused for illegal immigration. He himself has attracted the attention of the authorities as a public speaker in Damascus. He has led Syrian refugees to a closed Israeli border, where they are slowly starving to death while waiting in vain for the border guards' mercy. He himself suddenly appears in the United States. In the American courtroom, the new "prophet" rises – to the despair of the defense attorney – and speaks his own case: "We do not choose where we were born. You were born here, I was born there ", he says and asks rhetorically:" What separates us? What is a limit? An idea that has been invented. . .

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