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The sirens national anthem

The Sirens will revive their presence in a time of pixels and virtual reality.

Now, however, the sirens are even more terrifying weapon than songs, namely silence. Admittedly, it has not happened, but perhaps conceivably, that someone has saved themselves from their song, but from their silence certainly not. It fthe wish of having been defeated by their own power, og the all-encompassing vanity that follows from it, no mortal can resist.
From "The Silence of the Sirens" by Franz Kafka

Some of the first which struck me when I saw the movie The Sirens first time, is how fast roles and political signs can change. When the film was shot in Athens in February 2016, Greece was still in economic crisis. The EU and the World Bank had set foot because Greece had not followed the capitalist rules for a long time, but many felt that Europe was failing in its own history. Today, the EU and Europe are suddenly the opposite of the capitalism and divisive protectionism that – no matter how we turn it around – is currently democratically elected to be. . .

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