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Skeiv september

Oslo / Fusion and Cinemateket warm up for this year's film festival with a series of John Waters films. In addition to a film festival in September, Oslo will host the crude concert of the year: Christeene and The Boyz.


Six films by John Waters: 31. August –14. September Cinemateket, Oslo
Oslo / Fusion Film Festival 19. – 23. September Cinemateket, Oslo
Christeene (and The Boyz) 22. September Parkteatret, Oslo

Oslo / Fusion Film Festival has changed its name several times, but is the capital's oldest annual film festival. The main focus of the festival is films that touch on diversity, equality and human rights. In September it will be arranged for 28. time, and it is especially exciting to see so many films from new, great talents in directing, photography and acting on the program.

Oslo / Fusion is the capital's annual film festival.

Among the films shown during the four days of the festival is especially recommended Silvana – Wake me up when you wake up (documentary about a Swedish rapper and lesbian love), Girl (the documentary about the young transgender Lara received the award for this year's best directorial debut in Cannes), Skate Kitchen (feature film about a girl with skateboarding underground in New York), Wild (critically acclaimed movie about men having sex with men), The Miseducation of Cameron Post (feature film about a girl being sent to Christian camp to get rid of the desire to have same-sex sex) and A moment in the Reeds (romantic love movie; young Finnish boy meets young Syrian refugee).

Good bad taste

Waters: Pink Flamingos

As a warm-up to the festival, Cinemateket shows six films by American director John Waters. Waters (age 72) created his first 8mm and 16mm experimental films when he was 18: Hag in a Black Leather Jacket, Mondo Trasho og Multiple Maniacs. Without a budget, but with some friends, like buddy Harris Glenn Milstead (eventually known as the Divine dragque), and the film company Dreamland Studios. The roles were filled by the comrades – a role gallery hardly anyone had seen before. The result was poor taste put into the system; junk movies with shock potential.

Waters has argued that you must have good taste in order to taste equally bad. A good test is his breakthrough film Pink flamingos (1972). Here we follow the grotesque struggle of energetic and imaginative participants to win the titled "The Filthiest Human Being In The World". No doubt that taboos were broken. Is there anyone left to break?

Christeene is a trash icon, a queer rapper, drag terrorist and gender warrior.

Among Water's earliest films are Female Trouble (1974) my favorite. The actors, especially Divine, face major challenges. Divine does a fantastic role, and the costumes and scenery are in charge. Without prejudice and extra inhibitions, it is clear that Waters creates groundbreaking, hysterical and heartfelt comedies. He loves his friends and their contributions. According to the autobiography Shock Value – A Tasteful Book About Bad Taste drew Water's inspiration for the theme of Female Trouble from the trial of Charles Manson, which he followed closely. He also visited Manson's "right hand," Charles Tex Watson, in prison. Watson, who was sentenced to death, said Waters' choice of theme ("crime is beauty") was insane.

John Waters has also visited several convicted murderers and mass murderers, and also provided film training in various prisons.

success Variety

Polyester (1981) is inspired by classic melodramas, yet with a well-known Waters signature. Most well-known is the film for its scent cards, "Odorama, Smelling is believing": One side of the card has ten round, pink scratch bars with black numbers, 1-10. When one of the numbers appears on the canvas, the audience lifts the card to the nose and scraps out an odor. Here it is important not to be tempted to scrape fields outside the canvas instructions; it will be sabotage and ruin the performance for everyone. (Let's hope Cinemateket turns down the air system to a minimum during viewing, so the ten smells get their rightful place.)

Waters: Hairspray

Hairspray (1988) is a musical comedy "for the whole family". Sonny Bono and Debbie Harry spice up the cast of live musicians. But the film is first and foremost the breakthrough to Ricki Lake, who is perfect in the role of Divine's daughter. 60s USA, all teenagers dream of dancing in a popular (and very white) TV show. A growing awareness that noe Being wrong plays an important role in the fight for change. Hairspray has later become a mega success on the musical scene in much of the world.

Cry Baby (1990) became a new success for Waters, also in Cannes. The setting is 50's, with exquisite film music and perfect casting. Johnny Depp is super in the lead role: He's a dreamboat. Otherwise, we find Ricki Lake, Iggy Pop, Willem Dafoe and ex-porn star Traci Lords on the cast. 

Waters has argued that you must have good taste in order to taste equally bad.

My first meeting and interview with John Waters was in connection with the screening of Cry Baby in Cannes, on an American barbecue on the roof of the old festival palace, which is now demolished. Waters, with its black extension, was, as always, stylishly dressed, but still not completely dazzled by the luxury of the Boulevard de la Croisette: The real Cannes can be found in the back streets, often on the other side of the railway. And it was there, if you were lucky, you found the four-leaf clover John Waters, Ricki Lake, Traci Lords and Iggy Pop.

Film peckers (1998) is about a young boy photographing people he knows, but eventually gets more attention than he wants. Edward Furlong shines in the lead role. John Waters was present and presented the film during the screening at the Oslo Film Festival.

sex Game


photo: Eli Schmidt

And finally: Christeens himself comes from Austin, Texas, to the Park Theater in Oslo. She is up to date with a new album and new music video, and along with her two regular dancers – The Boyz, T-Gravel and Dawg Elf, she will deliver the crudest stage show of all time. The organizer of the concert, Halvard Haldorsen, mentions Christeene as a trash icon, a queer rapper, drag terrorist and gender warrior. She is all that – and much more: Christeene creates her own rap and electronic songs, choreographs her shows herself – either solo or with her two regular male dancers – and has a clear focus on sexual identity. Off the scene, Christeens is a political activist against abuse and discrimination – including Donald Trump's new, extremely discriminatory laws. In connection with the concert there will also be a conversation with Christeene and the guys at the Cinemateket, along with screenings of music videos and films.

My first meeting with Christeene was in 2011, at the South by Southwest Film and Music Festival in Austin, Texas. The room was packed. Christeene and the Boyz. It was beyond a raw, vulgar and violent experience. Christeene is an amazing entertainer, she always delivers, and will sparkle at the Park Theater.

John Waters at Cinemateket:

Oslo / Fusion Film Festival:
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Christeene at the Park Theater:

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Tommy Lørdahl
Tommy Lørdahl
Lørdahl is a journalist, critic, DJ and regular writer in Ny Tid.

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