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The whimsical power of beauty

Beauty goes directly to our emotions affecting us more strongly than anything else. Is it the one to save our planet?


Genesis, Sebastião Salgado Photo exhibition, c / o Berlin, 18 / 04-15 – 16 / 08-15 Climate research has long shown that the Earth's climate is changing as a result of human activity. But there is still a lack of decision-making at a high political level, and a willingness to change with each of us. While the geology discussion is about whether we have entered the anthropocene age – a geological epoch named after human imprints on the globe – Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado takes us to places on Earth where humans, animals and plants still live in a sustainable symbiosis. Through its extensive photography project genesis Salgado tries to convince us that Paradise still exists – places where no one has yet tasted the forbidden fruit. These areas we still have the opportunity to preserve – and pictures of Paradise can spur us to this in ways figures in a research report do not capabilities, the photographer believes. . . .

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