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Disappointed over the election campaign

"We are not heard!", Says minority youth about this year's election campaign. Several are deeply disappointed with the level. SV and RV are the most popular parties.


What does the country's young minority youth think about the election campaign?

We meet six young people with minority backgrounds in front of the Storting to hear what they have to say about the election campaign and the 2005 parliamentary elections. They have relatives from both Somalia, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. As they sit in a ring in front of the parliament building, they flood with widely differing opinions:

"We are not heard!"

"Hope Carl I. Hagen gets the chance!"

"No one has credibility with me!"

"Why not imams into politics?"

"Kristin Halvorsen wants to create something new in Norway."

Rashid Jirde (18)

Studying sales and service vk1, Somali family background.

What do you think of the election campaign?

- I do not know much about what has been good or bad with the election last time, but now I know a little more, and know who to vote for!

- Which party has the most credibility?

- SV has the most credibility. . .

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