What are the characteristics of a political essay film? Yes, that it is deeply critical – and subjective, reflective, trying and heretical. It is precisely such films that the American Travis Wilkerson makes. Ny Tid recently met the director at the documentary film festival Dokufest in Prizren, Kosovo. His films were shown there, and Wilkerson himself held a masterclass. His latest film is now being shown in Oslo Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun? (2017, see below) at the Artists' House.

But why care about an 48 year old American, raised in a vacant little American mining town, a former school drop-out who would rather be a radio DJ? The answer lies in his films.

His wife and manager Erin initially declined our interview request, but then allowed us a 20-minute audience. Wilkerson speaks quickly and consistently in what. . .

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