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Tasty carotid artery

E6. A journey through Norwegians' lives
Well-written and stylish book about a country located somewhere between the continental and "Norway Around".


If you ask people in Oslo what they like best about the city, they answer that it only takes 20 minutes to get out in Nordmarka. Similarly with magnificent books about Norway: There are glossy prospect pictures of landscapes; usually without people who can disturb the idyll. Nor does NAF's road book tell about the people – it goes to ancient monuments and sights.

Therefore, this book constitutes, E 6. A journey through the life of Norwegians, a welcome change: It is primarily about the people you can meet around Norway, and only secondarily about their things. The frame is a car journey from Svinesund. . .

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Kjetil Korslund
Historian of ideas and critic.

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