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Solidarity and self-management

With the history of the house occupation in mind, Ny Tid met last year at Wismar Square in Friedrichshain on 1 May.

About. 6000 protesters gathered before the train set off just to Rigaer Strasse, where anarchist house occupants had occupied several apartment blocks. A large part of Rigaer Strasse had been shut down for the past two years. The demonstration was aimed mainly at the real estate investor Christoph Gröner, which has invested in the development of new rental apartments in the street. According to the shop owners in the street, the district has in recent years changed gravely: Almost all old people have moved from there. They can no longer afford increased and therefore too expensive rents.

In Wismar Square, MODERN TIMES, among many other anarchist groups, met a guy from FAU (the Free Women's Workers' Union) who distributes the newspaper DA (Direkte Aktion), the anarchist-syndicalist. . .

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Hans-Georg Kohler
Kohler is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid. Artist.

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