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When states in the West are increasingly driven by populism and xenophobia, it is time to exercise disobedience to state powers. For Donald Trump is not the only new xenophobic leader out there, one can only plus on heads of state from Hungary, Poland, Britain and soon France. These have large sections of the people behind them – the weakness of democracy is that the majority's nonsense can be decisive. We are seeing increased polarization and confrontation – tensions are rising in line with military budgets. Our civilization is in a vicious circle. The gain of winning by military force is difficult to realize in the long run: Pointing a revolver at the opponent's head is never anything more than a temporary solution.

Is a new wave of societal criticism about to be unleashed?

What other than civil disobedience can we answer this with? We just can not let ourselves be infected. . .

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Truls Liehttp: /www.moderntimes.review/truls-lie
Editor-in-chief in MODERN TIMES. See previous articles by Lie i Le Monde diplomatique (2003–2013) and Morgenbladet (1993-2003) See also part video work by Lie here.

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