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As a member, you can yell

What is decided in Brussels is so important to Norway that Norwegians must realize that they should join the EU, says the British parliamentarian.


Last Friday, the liberal British EU parliamentarian Diana Wallis gave a lecture in Oslo on her views on Norway and the EEA agreement. The theme for the lecture in the premises of the EU Commission in Oslo was "half inside and half outside."

In No to the EU they say they are sorry for her, but in Norwegian diplomacy she has supporters .. For some Norwegian diplomats and bureaucrats, Diana Wallis is more experienced as a revival preacher that they cannot get enough of. During the lecture, several public servants said clearly YES, and NOT TRUE, after each sentence Wallis stated. And after the meeting, some admitted that it was a pleasure to listen to Diana Wallis because she put words to it no one in Norway dare say.

- Wallis does not say anything new, but she says it in the right way, said one of the participants on the way out and admitted that he had listened to Diana Wallis on a number of occasions.

The EU most important

Diana Wallis, who represents Yorkshire and the UK in the European Parliament, is a harsh critic of the EEA solution Norway has. She believes that Norwegians are affected by a democratic deficit, because we are not in the EU.

- The most important decisions are made in Brussels, and that is the EU countries. . .

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