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Some are more invisible than others

Concept: Werker Collective (Rogier Delfos and Marc Roig Blesa) 365 Days of Invisible Work
Werker Collective has collected 365 photographs of the work that is not seen, and which takes place in the home – own or others.

It is said that if men do housework, it is usually vacuuming or something else noisy, for God forbid that they should do something that no one sees or hears. Bogen 365 Days of Invisible Work tries to make visible the invisible work and at the same time questions what counts as work. A Silvia Federici quote from the 1970s Wages for HouseworkOn the first page of the book, the campaign sets the tone: «We have been working in isolation at home when you needed it, and we have taken another job when you needed it. Now we want to decide for ourselves WHEN we work, HOW we work and WHO we work for. We will be able to choose NOT TO WORK – just like you. ”

365 Days is about housework, and housework has apparently become a bit hipster, just like Federici. The question is who wins. . .

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Nina Trige Andersen
Trige Andersen is a freelance journalist and historian.

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