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Grief is how we feel – when a loss is a fact (watch the movie here)

Žal Žen (Grief / Sorg)
Regissør: Andrea Culková

ECO FILM: Extinction Rebellion is a fast-growing protest movement. They are in favor of transforming the love of nature and the rage over politicians' passivity into collective action. But what about the political potential of grief?

NOTE! MODERN TIMES has been allowed to show the film, so it can be seen in September
https://vimeo.com/392304830 (password: GRIEFFILM)

In Pasadena, California, I recently attended a briefing on the climate organized by the Extinction Rebellion and learned that their main message is basic facts. Using figures and diagrams, local representatives summarize the climate future we are facing, and the grim statistics for the so-called sixth extinction – the ongoing mass extinction of species in the wake of human industrial society. This is knowledge of the kind that requires a reaction. The first principle of the Extinction Rebellion, "Tell the truth," is followed by the elegant and provocative second principle: "Act as if the truth is real." By discreetly alluding to climate denial, which is widespread on both a political and personal level, they thus go directly into the explosive emotional conflicts we all go through in the encounter with a future one. . .

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