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Social heritage and criminal environment

Regissør: Peter Grönlund
(Sverige )

SOCIAL REALISM: With Goliat, Peter Grönlund consolidates his position as one of the Nordic region's most socially engaged and realistic feature filmmakers.


The Swedish director and
screenwriter Peter Grönlund made his feature film debut in 2015 Escape (Original title thief Honors), as with a
impressive credibility depicted an environment outside the Swedish «folkhemmet».
After finishing film school, Grönlund had – in addition to making some short films
- worked with drug addicts and the homeless in Stockholm, and he had done
extensive research during the development of the feature film debut.

System Criticism

Escape was about a drug addict who fled from Stockholm after cheating on a drug dealer and ended up in an illegal camping settlement with people who in various ways have fallen out of society. Only a few of the actors in the film were professional actors. Instead, the roles were occupied by people with similar or related backgrounds as the characters they shape, whether they are police officers, social workers or people from the stressed environments the film provides a fairly rare insight into. Escape a tangible authenticity, which one would hardly get with ordinary actors. The main character Malin Levanon is admittedly a professional actress, but allegedly prepared for the role by, among other things, pulling out a tooth, sleeping in prison, learning to inject and lose 25 kilos – and was deservedly rewarded with. . .

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Aleksander Huser
Huser is a regular film critic in Ny Tid.

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