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Socialist perspective

If man is not given the opportunity to work for a rational and humanistic goal, the individual will instead fall victim to the irrational and devilish visions of dictators and demagogues.


7. September 1963 

The transition from the present centralized state to a completely decentralized form of society must necessarily take place gradually over a longer period of time. Central planning and government interference will be inevitable.

But from the very beginning, one must aim to replace bureaucratic forms of control with forms that encourage each citizen to actively and responsibly participate in all areas of social, economic and political life. Although the state must continue to exercise control, the state itself must be brought under effective control by its citizens.

It will require years of study and effort to arrive at absolutely correct directions for the transition to a socialist society, studies and trials that require the efforts of the country's best minds and hearts.

For now, it is only possible to give some hints about the road ahead.

The principle is that Social control and not legal property are essential to socialism. The immediate goal will then be to transform all major companies in such a way that their managers are appointed and are under the full control of all employees (workers, salaried employees, engineers, administrators, etc.) together with representatives of the unions and consumers. These groups constitute the highest authority. . .

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