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Catalan separatists and anarchists are still fighting

One year after the referendum in Barcelona, ​​100 people are still fighting for a future republic. Ny Tid recently met a leading separatist and asks him why.

(Barcelona) It is one year since the Catalans in Spain arranged a vote to free themselves from the rest of the country  - the so-called referendum. The vote was totally rejected by the Spanish authorities in Madrid and by the monarch of King Felipe VI. Imprisoned Catalan politicians are still being held without trial, and Catalonia's President Carles Puigdemont is living in exile in Brussels.

The population of Catalonia corresponds to the entire population of Sweden. The Declaration of Independence has been prepared as an action for almost a decade. Spain – with its 17 different, semi-autonomous provinces or regions – is united under Spanish political and administrative leadership. In the past, the Basque ETA was the central government's "useful" enemy – today. . .

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