Steinhardt grasped the geology

Inspired by the history of "deep history", which extends the perspective and also applies to the time before there are written sources, we have in recent years received a number of books from especially naturalists: With the prefix deep they happily retell the history of the world from The Big Bang until today. With such a perspective, there is plenty of room for hand picking and for introducing their own ideological fad horses. Marcia Bjornerud (eg. Bjørnerud) is a professor of both environmental studies and geology at Lawrence University in Wisconsin, and she wants to promote awareness of what she calls "deep time."

The title Timefulness plays on "mindfulness" – a slightly strange choice since much of the book provides a demanding introduction to ordinary geology. This is clear, but so concise that readers without any facilities for chemistry will not get much out of these pages – which make up almost a quarter of the book. This is a strange choice, since the complicated interpretations of isotopes, half-lives, potential. . .

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