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"Stink journalism" against whistleblowers

John Y. Jones
Head of Networkers North / South and the Dag Hammarskjöld program (member of Ny Tid's editorial board).
JOURNALISM: Professor Gisle Selnes writes that Harald Stanghelle's column in Aftenposten on 23 February 2020 «looks like a statement of support, [but] lies as a framework around the aggravated attack on Assange». He is right. But has Aftenposten always had this relationship with whistleblowers, as in the case of Edward Snowden?

Outside the Storting on 2 June 2015, Aftenposten's then editor Harald Stanghelle, together with the whistleblower behind the Pentagon papers, Daniel Ellsberg, participated in a courageous confrontation with Storting President Olemic Thommessen. Stanghelle's post became a biting article. . .

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