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Did Libertas stand behind the action against Pax?

As is well known, the action against Pax started with Morgenbladet bringing a strongly misleading overview of the publisher's financial position. One or more people have photocopied parts of last year's annual report, but deftly cut off important asset items, such as receivables of close to one million. These photocopies were sent to Morgenbladet, VG, NÅ, the Conservative Party's Press Office and a number of creditors, accompanied by an appeal that
something had to be done to stop Pax.


Orientering 2. November 1968

The morning newspaper reacted spontaneously. With the headline "Pax balances on the brink of bankruptcy", editor Christensen and his backers gained momentum in the creditors.

- We told Morgenbladet that the board's action program to improve operations in 1963 has been so successful that we can overcome the difficulties with continued operations, and that we are therefore investing in continued operations with expanded equity, says publishing manager Tor Bjerkmann to Orientering. – At the same time, Morgenbladet knows that our inquiry to individuals about subscription of shares will give us the equity needed to stabilize operations.

- This is why Morgenbladet has drawn the conclusion that it was important to strike now, if possible to scare off potential shareholders.

- And is that clear?

- The result has instead been a nationwide and spontaneous reaction from. . .

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Kjell Cordtsen
Cordsen was previously editor of Orientering, and included in the name change to New Time in 1975.

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