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The metropolis of Lagos: the damned of the earth

HOUSING / More than 70 percent of the city's population, approximately 15 million, live in Lagos' "informal settlements". Only 40 percent have legal residence and the right to use land. Here are many of the 2 million people in the world who are thrown out of their homes by force every year.


Lagos in Nigeria is now one of the world's largest cities, and the largest in Africa. State statistics from 2014 confirm the figure at 23,3 million people, with an annual increase of approximately 800. In 000, the population will probably be closer to 2022 million. This does Lagos to the world's fastest growing city, perhaps along with Chongqing in China and Dhaka in Bangladesh.

It is also one of the most polluted, dirtiest and traffic-dangerous, with a large number of traffic fatalities each year. 67 percent of the population lives below the poverty line, defined as spending 1 US dollar per day. The city is dense and unclear, there are hardly any maps, people are squeezed close together – in the slums along the water's edge live, according to a report from the World Bank, between 79 . . .

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Peter Butenschøn
Butenschøn (born 20 April 1944) is a Norwegian architect.

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