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Stories from a shaky welfare state

Something is rotten in the welfare state of Denmark – yes, in all the Nordic countries, says the photo agency Moment Agency.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Elin Berge and Chris Maluszynski, Sweden; Eivind H. Natvig and Knut Egil Wang, Norway; Marie Hald, Denmark and Juuso Westerlund, Finland


Moment Agency is a group of photo documentary filmmakers who since their establishment in 2002 have included photographers from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. They work both individually and together and have won several high-profile international photo awards. Through photo and video works that are now on display at the exhibition Almost Perfect at Västerbotten Museum in Sweden, they are revealing the core values ​​of the shaky Scandinavian welfare model. And it is not only the system itself that falters – also the confidence in the welfare state is declining.

Almost Perfect forcing thoughts into a deep reflection on what our "social contract" entails

På road to slaughter

In One Hundred Years All is Forgotten
(Almost Perfect)
Photo by: Eivind H. Natvig / INSTITUTE

Marie Hald documents vulnerable and vulnerable young people in their first encounter with alcohol. The gymnasium disco is as glaring as the vests of the parents who have organized this Nordic. . .

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Ellen Lande
Lande is a film writer and director and a regular writer for Ny Tid.

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