Stressed hen with no head

The euphoria of confusion – to the last youth
Forfatter: Alexander Carnera
Forlag: Fjordager (Danmark)
EMPTY / A pseudo-confrontation with the parents' culture turned into meaningless stress. In eleven-September bodies, the young people hide behind enterprising smiles.


In 1968, it was made clear to everyone that there is a period in human life that is characterized as youth. The parents had previously spent twenty years getting away from the war. But the youth of the world now wanted adjustments. The imagination was going to power!

But the time has come when a youth can fumble around to either rebel against parents or grope to find their own legs to stand on. The competition state wants "soldiers" for its continued development. In Alexander Carneras The euphoria of confusion – to the last youth we all – young and old – got in the same boat with the big apocalypse in the binoculars. In search of a solution to the mystery and salvation.

The collection of essays reports from reflections on the author's own development. . .

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