Stressed hen with no head

The euphoria of confusion – to the last youth
Forfatter: Alexander Carnera
Forlag: Fjordager (Danmark)
EMPTY / A pseudo-confrontation with the parents' culture turned into meaningless stress. In eleven-September bodies, the young people hide behind enterprising smiles.


In 1968, it was made clear to everyone that there is a period in human life that is characterized as youth. The parents had previously spent twenty years getting away from the war. But the youth of the world now wanted adjustments. The imagination was going to power!

But the time has come when a youth can fumble around to either rebel against parents or grope to find their own legs to stand on. The competition state wants "soldiers" for its continued development. In Alexander Carneras The euphoria of confusion – to the last youth we all – young and old – got in the same boat with the big apocalypse in the binoculars. In search of a solution to the mystery and salvation.

The essay collection tells of the impact of the author's own development and clarification. From the first cultural awakening as a young man and the subsequent leader at the emptiness of the ruling culture. To the inspiration of having to bring their own biological children into the world and finally the author's impatient yearning and the search for the great mystery.

The contracted teacher today is not comparable to the teacher of the past or Master. At school, Carnera met a teacher who represents the great world in the form of a papua chief – and Carnera's world opens up to a new receptivity and reflection on the major issues of civilization. The first awakening.

Our mystery

With a cultural tower of indigenous people in close contact with nature and with a sense of being alone, the criticism of modern society becomes careless at Carnera. Today's young people are blamed for living a superficial life as tourists, where they dance around from pleasure to enjoyment and where their speech sounds like sales pitch. The won freedom after the war and a pseudo-settlement with the parents' culture eventually became meaningless stress in the XNUMXth-September bodies, where the young people hide behind the contracting smiles. "You practice on the course of the upright man," writes Carnera, "Raised with the images we try to erase from your memory." The young people have only learned to copy the adults.

Elena Ospina

As the hen without a head, we all went around without finding rest for reflection and change of course. And worse, the school will no longer be a hotbed of inspiration for finding our mystery. The teacher, who is not a Master, leads us nowhere. “But we're allowed to go. Just go. Nowhere. ”The master, on the other hand, knew the message. Therefore: «There is a long way home. Because nobody knows the right word. "

A painter or dancer

Hunger is a major driver of a quest. But at some point in our quest for foreign regions we will also recognize the emptiness. So there are no ways out, and we have to go back, left to the experience material that already exists, to the same grief, the same letter we never got written, to the same thought that didn't last, and "stop the holes for, make holes. , fill gaps and avoid being pierced ».

Today's young people are blamed for leading superficial life as tourists dance around from pleasure to pleasure.

And it is possible in everyday life to go on a new kind of discovery and maybe get rocked by the usual performances. Finding "the living heart of the city". As if one succeeds in searching and finding the striking in-the-eye-of-the-eye painter – the author's very own initiative – by his easel attentively walking-in-one with his canvas. And what did Carnera feel about it? «… I had the experience of seeing my own neighborhood for the first time; where I had grown up. It all came with a special quality that did violence to what I knew. ”Or when at work, the hands successfully and lovingly manage to reshape the fabric. Or when a lonely, beautiful person uses the dance to set himself free. Where man's work becomes a co-creator of world developments.

We live in a time when the old concepts are no longer enough and the new ones are not yet in place. Hell will only be this period if we "continue as if nothing has happened".

Our children

Although Carnera reports that he has been championed for the ambition of writing the true story of his life, it shines through in the essay collection that an upcoming book could deal with experiences from the author's research field: What is a life practice we must pass on to our children. A life practice as a culture and a way of shaping a society that cannot be reduced to include only a fight against global warming.

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