DANISH IS-CATCH: The feature film about Danish Daniel Rye captured by IS in Syria shows that Scandinavian film does not have to be toothless entertainment to hit wide.

Huser is a regular film critic in MODERN TIMES.
E-mail: alekshuser@gmail.com
Published: June 6, 2020
13 months
Director: Niels Arden Oplev and Anders W. Berthelsen
(Denmark, Norway, Sweden)

From Lars von Trier and his allies launched the Dogme Manifesto back in the nineties, Danish filmmakers have shown a willingness to innovate and often also madness that one can slowly miss in our domestic film production. But Danish film is to a great extent characterized by an ability to tell solid human dramas, where dramaturgical precision is combined with credible environmental and personal portrayals.

Several of these films have also dealt with political and other current topics from Danish society, rather than concentrating only on interpersonal relationships. A bunch of examples from the last decade - all shown on…

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