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The strength that failed

7930 survivors following the Srebrenica massacre are now facing charges against the Netherlands and the UN. The Dutch UN soldiers were under the command of a Norwegian officer as they watched the Serbs slaughter. By Harald Eraker

July 11 marked the world that it has been eleven years since 8000 boys and men were massacred by Bosnian Serbs in the city of Srebrenica in Bosnia. The survivors are now going to sue the Netherlands and the UN for indecency during the worst genocide in Europe after World War II.

The plaintiffs, 7930 women known as "the mothers of Srebrenica," now demand that all who should have protected the 40.000 Muslims who had lived together in the so-called UN-safe zone in Srebrenica are held accountable.

The lawsuit is not only against the Dutch UN soldiers in Srebrenica who stood and watched as the Serbs systematically executed the defenseless Muslims, but against the entire UN command line. Directly superior to the Dutch soldiers was the Norwegian colonel. . .

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