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SV tops support sales

A joint central board, led by Kristin Halvorsen, is in favor of Ny Tid being sold to Damm. – I support a sale and hope the decision will be reviewed at Ny Tids general meeting, says SV's party secretary Edle Daasvand Skjæveland.

The party secretary sits on SV's central board, and thinks it's great that Ny Tid and those who work there get an opportunity to continue.

- I think the employees in the newspaper have reason to be proud of Ny Tid; a newspaper that can offer something so exciting that a large publisher wants to continue investing in it. Even though Ny Tid is no longer an SV newspaper, a sale of the shares we still own is of course sad. It is a newspaper that has followed us through the party's history, and we now hope that the board has reached a good solution. We who have followed the newspaper for many years know that there have been a lot of "ups and downs", but are happy that there are some who are willing to invest sums of money that SV as an organization does not have available.

Economic problems

Adviser to SV's parliamentary group, SV veteran, Ny Tid shareholder and longtime EU columnist in Ny Tid, Dag Seierstad, believes a sale is an opportunity to save the newspaper.

- Ny Tid does not have the funds to continue operating. . . .

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