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SV tops support sales

A joint central board, led by Kristin Halvorsen, is in favor of Ny Tid being sold to Damm. – I support a sale and hope the decision will be reviewed at Ny Tid's general meeting, says SV's party secretary Edle Daasvand Skjæveland.


The party secretary sits on SV's central board, and thinks it's great that Ny Tid and those who work there get an opportunity to continue.

- I think the employees in the newspaper have reason to be proud of Ny Tid; a newspaper that can offer something so exciting that a large publisher wants to continue investing in it. Even though Ny Tid is no longer an SV newspaper, a sale of the shares we still own is of course sad. It is a newspaper that has followed us through the party's history, and we now hope that the board has reached a good solution. We who have followed the newspaper for many years know that there have been a lot of "ups and downs", but are happy that there are some who are willing to invest sums of money that SV as an organization does not have available.

Economic problems

Adviser to SV's parliamentary group, SV veteran, Ny Tid shareholder and longtime EU columnist in Ny Tid, Dag Seierstad, believes a sale is an opportunity to save the newspaper.

- Ny Tid does not have the funds to continue operating. That is for sure. It is better for Damm to take over than for the newspaper to be closed down, he says.

The decision to sell SV's shareholding was made by SV's central board on Monday this week. The following decision was made: «The Central Board agrees with the proposal for a capital reduction and a private placement from Ny Tid's board. The Central Board will support this proposal at Ny Tid's extraordinary general meeting, and will encourage other shareholders to do the same. "

With the exception of SU leader Audun Herning, the board was full: Party Secretary Skjæveland, Minister of Finance Kristin Halvorsen, Henriette Westhrin, Åsa Elvik, Ingrid Fiskaa, Sonja Tinnesand and Per Østvold, leader of the Norwegian Transport Workers' Union. Østvold says that Ny Tid is in reality bankrupt, and has had financial problems for a long time. To ensure Ny Tid in the future, more is required than subscribers and other supporters can deliver through a share campaign or in some other way, he believes.

- A responsible board must look at other solutions to prevent the newspaper from going bankrupt and the employees losing their jobs. When Damm has promised to secure Ny Tid financially and provide resources that can lift the newspaper, while maintaining the political basis, it is an interesting solution. I support it and think Ny Tid's friends should do the same, says Østvold.

- Poor alternatives

Ingrid Fiskaa is a former leader of Socialist Youth, and now sits on SV's central board. She voted for the sale of Ny Tid at the central board meeting, even though it was not with a light heart.

- I perceive it as selling newspaper is necessary, because there were no alternatives. Other than shutting down the whole newspaper. I ended up voting for New Time to be sold, even though I was thinking about a possible closure. But I am in favor of a sale, among other things with a view to preserving jobs, says Fiskaa.

Andreas Tinglum Olsen, deputy chairman of the board of Ny Tid, believes the Damm acquisition is Ny Tid's only chance.

- Avisa has struggled with poor finances for the past ten years, and thus the newspaper does not have the opportunity to survive on its own two feet.

He views the sale of the newspaper very positively, and wants to highlight two things in particular: that the Ny Tid tradition is maintained, and that the relationship with the employees is maintained.

- This is what was important to us when we adopted this, says Tinglum Olsen.

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