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Reply from the head of the immigration boarding house

Correspond to the case "Alien hostile asylum doctor at Trandum".


Response to the case «Anti-xenophobic asylum doctor at Trandum».

We have a great understanding that the foreigners who sit in the immigration boarding school awaiting return to their home country are in a stressful situation, and that is precisely why it is so important that our employees manage the responsibility that lies with the job in the very best way.

My experience during the time I have been head of the Police Immigration Boarding School is that prisoners are treated with a great deal of respect and professionalism, which is also confirmed both in the Civil Ombudsman's report, in the regular visits we have by the Supervisory Board and specific statements from prisoners. The Civil Ombudsman states in his latest report: “The employees at the boarding school mainly received good feedback from the internees. Many stated that the employees treated them respectfully and gave them the necessary assistance for daily chores ". I experience that we have an employee group that every day goes to great lengths to give those we have in our custody as dignified a stay as possible within the framework that is. If anyone should think otherwise, I am of course available to both listen to it and take it seriously whenever it is. It will of course not count negatively for those who inform about matters worthy of criticism. PU also has other ways to notify anonymously. My most important job as a manager is to take care of the employees and inmates.

We do not recognize ourselves in the critique of the use of force. We are also puzzled by the criticism that one should have a police professional background to work at the boarding school. Employees at Trandum have a broad background both in terms of education and experience. Many employees have experience from the military, the prison service, the school service, the child welfare service and the health service to name a few. In addition, we emphasize language skills, and not least the ability to take care of people in a challenging situation in recruitment processes. We have a strong focus on recruiting people with the motivation and personal qualities required to take care of the important task of working at the immigration boarding school. New employees receive a tailor-made education from the Norwegian Prison and Probation Service's education center, which extends over 8 weeks, where security and crisis management are part of the training. In addition, we have a strong focus on exercises and training as regular activities throughout the year.


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