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Black million hatch

Norway's only coal company loses millions of kroner, and quarrels about a stale billion.

[coal] While Norwegian politicians are becoming increasingly positive about coal power, Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani is struggling with the economy. After several years without state support, Store Norske may now have to ask for NOK 250 million in help from the state. The company is suing the insurance companies after Norway's largest industrial fire – and there is almost a billion kroner in the pot.

CFO Sissel Danielsen tells Ny Tid that the operating profit will be between NOK 200 and 300 million worse than expected this year.

- Only in November we have lost over 60

million, due to production shutdowns and cargo ships waiting for coal, says Production Director Harry Higraff.

Store Norske turns 90 this autumn, Longyearbyen turned 100 this spring. For just as long, coal mining has been the basis and alibi for the settlement on Svalbard. Coal mining on Svalbard has never been environmentally friendly – nor profitable, if one disregards the last couple of years. Coal has been a political tool for maintaining a society in a major political arena. . .

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